Digital God

from by SkyEye



(Kavčnik, Leščanec)

Corrupt and evil fingers, aiming for a kill.
Making decisions on the fly.
Who is about to live and who is about to die,
controlling drones as they fly.

High in the sky, an all seeing eye.
Could this be heaven?
A digital mind with no tears to cry unleashing armageddon.

Steel and metal flying through space and time.
The killer’s eyes are out of sight.

Searching for heaven, creating hell.
Love is forgotten.
Humanity crumbles to the ground,
kneel before a Digital God.

I am alive and I dream of a new day.
The digital mind I will not obey.
Fever dreams are fading faster because a human heart is still my master.

we are running out of time,
to end this horrendous crime.
And sleep again in peace,
or we are all gonna be deceased.


from Digital God, released November 9, 2018
Kavčnik, Leščanec


all rights reserved



SkyEye Ljubljana, Slovenia

#Heavy Metal

Jan Leščanec
> vocals
Primož Lovšin
> bass
Jurij Nograšek
> drums
Marko Kavčnik
> guitar
Grega Stalowsky
> guitar

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